Café Bon-Ami

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by Josh Wood Thursday June 26, 2008

Located on a nondescript section of Park Avenue, Café Bon-Ami has served as a quick place to go to get home-baked pastries and a great cup of coffee on a Saturday morning. On warm days the café opens a patio on the front that connects to the small indoor dining area. The cases at the café are stocked with a selection of home baked goods, many stored in the dishes in which they were baked. On this visit we got a pair of muffins. The morning glory muffin was healthy and moist with the taste of raisins and warm cinnamon. The corn muffin was toothy with coarse cornmeal and handfuls of cranberries. Both were bigger than fists and more than filling.

Café Bon-Ami
1082 Park Ave
Cranston, Rhode Island 02910
The café is a coffee junky’s dream. They have just about every conceivable brewing contraption, and patrons often come in with particular brewing requests. There’s even a vintage siphon on a shelf behind the counter. A chalkboard at the café lists their signature drinks, many of them espresso-based. I opted for a latté, and it satisfied with great espresso flavor and soothing plumes of foam.

The owner of Bon-Ami was amicable and you could tell he was proud of his café. It’s an excellent little neighborhood coffee house. If I lived within walking distance in Stadium or Forest Hills, there’s no doubt that I’d make Bon-Ami a good friend.

[where: 02910]


  1. I lived within walking distance of the place for years, but thought the coffee wasn’t very good and the owner was a little too inclined towards posting pro-war statements on the side of his building.

    matthew · Jul 9, 02:22 PM · #

  2. To be honest, I haven’t seen any war statements posted outside – but I’m a newcomer.

    That story reminds me of the Deli on Pontiac called Michelangelo’s. I got a great sandwich there when I first moved to Cranston – but I started noticing increasingly more pro-Bush and Cheney messages inside. I never went back – just seemed like a recipe for indigestion.

    — Josh Wood · Jul 9, 05:09 PM · #

  3. Should be noted that they only take cash. I didn’t realize this until I was ready to pay, and luckily I did have enough in my wallet.

    — Erin · Aug 5, 02:23 PM · #

  4. This is a refreshing oasis in a desert of coffee ignorance… (RI, where a shot of hazelnut syrup equals “gourmet”)

    Take a moment to talk with the owner and you’ll find an animated, good-natured and opinionated host. I don’t agree completely with him or anyone else. However, a person with self-confidence and a reasonable disposition can have a great conversation with anyone regardless of their political views. As long as you enjoy a good cup of coffee with a relaxing atmosphere and home-made food it’s also a great place to read the Sunday paper without discussing anything.

    — Dan Brown · Mar 28, 06:22 AM · #

  5. I love Love Love cafe bon ami. amd as far as all the comments about the posters, well the only thing to say is i have been to a lot of places i didn’t like there posters or any deco they have but it doesn’t stop me from going to the cafe to get my favorite smoothie or a homemade biscotti, I feel like people have to many issues and they should just enjoy there day instead of getting hyped up about the little things.I find the owner to be very personalble and friendly, yes he is opinionated but so isn’t everyone on this earth. well again enjoy your day and peace to all . thanks cheryl

    cheryl portella · Apr 14, 01:04 PM · #

  6. Very pleasant and welcoming place. Delicious crepes! Congenial host!

    — Lois · Jun 5, 09:03 AM · #

  7. Well, I honestly have known the owner for about 10 years – both as customer and as friend. He is certainly an honest, out-spoken gentleman who has the best cafe delicacies. From coffee to pastries both he and his mother, who assists in the nightly baking of the pastries, are gracious people. The fact that he speaks his mind obviously catches some people off guard. Enjoy.

    — Lisa · Feb 7, 09:08 PM · #

  8. I live in NH and the only thing I miss about Cranston, RI is Cafe Bon Ami’s coffee. Malcolm would love to know where you purchase your Sulawesi Turagi (I realize this is spelled wrong) whole beans.

    — Lisa · Mar 13, 08:15 AM · #

  9. I cant even believe anyone has anything bad to say about this place! Bunch of close minded people if you ask me! This place is awesome! Best caramel machiatto i have ever had and my sandwich was outstanding! And the owner was super nice!!

    — Tara julio · Nov 2, 11:25 AM · #


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