Compost, Cooks and Books

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by Josh Wood Friday September 25, 2009

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Here’s the weekly Pawtuxet Farmers’ Market update from the Friends of the Pawtuxet:

The cooking demonstrations continue this week at the Pawtuxet Village Farmers Market. Johnston & Wales University students will show their skills during the first half of the market. Edgewood’s own Zoey Spahn will provide more recipes and free samples on October 3.

Our third composting workshop will also be held Saturday at 10 AM, as Annemarie Bruun demonstrates worm bin composting. If you plan to attend and want a set of worms, please contact Annemarie as soon as possible at Seventeen people attended our two previous workshops and hopefully they will start turning their vegetable waste into soil, saving land fill space and nourishing their grass and gardens.

Although our vegetable farmers have plenty of produce left to sell, this may be the last week at the market for Christina Dedora of Blue Sky Farm. Her flowers are almost gone.

Special thanks to Tim Kearns for putting out the market signs several times this season.

A spirited crew of volunteers from Hope Highlands and Orchard Farms elementary schools husked more than 1000 ears of corn at Confreda Farms this week to provide fresh produce for the Cranston school lunch program. Thanks to volunteers Lisa Arena and her daughter Kaitlyn, Lauri Chung and her son Marcus, Donna Batty, Terese Dillon, Paula DeRuosi, Karen DiFazio and her son Nick, Anna Hanley, Kathy Turchetta, Jane Phou and her daughter Kaitlin, Inga Russell, Lisa Lancellotta, Stacy Calvino, Christine Kuzman, Arlene Lawton, Deb Greifer, Lisa Gargaro, Mike Marrocco and Steve Stycos.

The same day, Edgewood Highland sixth graders visited Zephyr Farm, met Michele Kozlosksi’s chickens, learned about her vegetables and picked 100 pounds of green beans. Funded by a grant written by Steve Stycos, the students received a nutrition lesson from Kids First on Tuesday and taste tested three green bean recipes prepared by Cranston Food Service Director Mike Marrocco. Wednesday, they visited the farm and Thursday they prepared the beans with Mike using the most popular recipe. Friday, they ate green beans for lunch along with corn on the cob and other items. They also received a three dollar coupon to encourage them to visit the market.

Arlington elementary students will participate in a similar program next week. If you are interested in bringing a similar program to your school contact Kimberly Sporkman of Kids First at
Also, a second day of corn husking will be held Wednesday September 30 at Confreda’s. If you would like to volunteer, contact Annemarie at

We also hope to have another book sale, but need more book donations. Books may be dropped at 25 Berwick Lane, 10 & 18 Williams Avenue and 37 Ferncrest Avenue in Cranston. No textbooks or damaged books, please. Thanks to those who have already donated.

See you Saturday at the market.

The Pawtuxet Farmers’ Market. 9-12 at Rhode on the Pawtuxet.

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