Five Ways To Keep Helping Local Farmers This Winter

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by Josh Wood Wednesday January 14, 2009

Now that farmers’ market season is over (save for the indoor market in Pawtucket), Friends of the Pawtuxet has offered ways you can support your local farms during the winter.

Wash and save your berry boxes to bring to the market in the spring. During the winter, berry boxes can also be dropped on porches at 8 King Avenue and 37 Ferncrest Avenue in Cranston. Please wash your containers and only save quart, pint and half pint boxes.

Save your books for the spring book sale. We prefer that you keep the books at your place, but if you are moving, drop them on the porch at 37 Ferncest Avenue. No magazines or textbooks please. Proceeds from the book sales helped pay for trees at the farmers market and our berry box recycling program.

Save your plastic plant pots: We will collect them in the spring at the market for the farmers to reuse.

Save your egg cartons to return to farmers in the spring

Buy Cabot cheese and butter and Rhody Fresh milk. Cabot is the tradename of Agrimark, a New England based farmers cooperative that includes Rhode Island dairy farmers. Rhody Fresh is a Rhode Island based farmers cooperative.

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  1. Josh, welcome back!!

    I went to the Pawtucket Farmers Market a few weeks ago and it was great—they had everything from Yacht Club Soda to fresh meat to veggies (of course).

    Rachel McNally · Jan 22, 12:24 PM · #

  2. I haven’t been to the indoor market since it moved from AS220 – good to hear that it’s well stocked. Hoping to get to it in the upcoming weeks now that the dust has settled again….

    — Josh · Jan 24, 01:31 PM · #


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