Paw Paw Season Is Here

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by Josh Wood Sunday October 12, 2008

The Paw PawRocky Point Farm will be at the Pumpkin and Paw Paw Festival again this year – which takes place Saturday the 18th at the Pawtuxet Farmers’ Market in Cranston. The true star of this festival is the paw paw (or pawpaw). Paw paws tend to bruise and discolor quickly, which explains why you rarely see them in supermarkets. But despite their cosmetic shortcomings, paw paws are supernaturally tasty.

Pumpkin and Paw Paw Festival
Pawtuxet Farmers’ Market
Rhodes on the Pawtuxet
Cranston, Rhode Island
9 AM – Noon
The soft, almost custardy flesh tastes like a mango, a kiwi, and an especially boisterous banana playing Twister together while listening to Don Ho. The fruit can be sliced lengthwise and scooped, and the bruised ones can be rescued by adding them to smoothies. You’ll have to take my word for it and and buy a couple at the festival. Opening up for the paw paws will be some smashing pumpkins.

Paw Paws at the Pawtuxet Farmers' Market, Cranston, Rhode IslandRocky Point Farm also sells paw paws from their experimental 80-tree orchard at Morris Farm farm stand, located about 5 miles south of Cranston, at 2779 Warwick Avenue in Warwick.

Questions frequently asked about paw paws.
A list of paw paw recipes.

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  1. Great site to get familiar with this fruit. I have emailed about 25 websites that mistakenly show papayas pictures and call them paw paws. In you site I found great information to share with those people. However, for those of us that are not local to your area, where is Cranston? Where is Warwick? Are those US or Canadian cities?
    Best regards,
    Martin Miranda
    Former fruit vendor

    — Martin Miranda · Jan 18, 01:09 PM · #

  2. Hi,

    Do you sell Paw Paw trees?
    Looking to buy one.


    Gene Cavaliere · May 22, 09:12 AM · #


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