Amtrak as a Subway Map

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by Josh Wood Wednesday December 8, 2010

Cameron Booth Amtrak as SubwayThis is pretty cool: A poster of all of Amtrak’s routes visualized as a subway map. From the designer Cameron Booth’s Flickr page:

Presenting the latest in my series of transit-styled diagrams, the entire Amtrak passenger rail system in the style of a subway map. Surprisingly, I haven’t seen another take on this anywhere else on the internet, but I guess it is a fairly monumental undertaking (Good thing I’m the patient type!). Every last station is shown, the result of a lot of research on both Amtrak’s official site and Wikipedia. This version has all station names and route information listed.

And it’s for sale. It’s a Festivus miracle.

[where: 02910]



Saturday November 13, 2010

New Music Series to Feature RI Songwriters

On November 19, members of Rhode Island’s songwriting community will play new, previously unperformed music at the Black Box Theater in Cranston. You’ll hear GW Mercure’s visceral Americana, Kim Lamothe’s driving rhythmic poetry, Chris Monti’s inventive instrumentals, Judith Bingham’s propulsive and provocative compositions, Frank Martyn’s wry rockabilly, and Jacob Haller’s blues/folk stylings. The performers will play three songs each.


Thursday November 4, 2010

How To Recycle Your Lawn Signs

Lawn signs are recyclable, but they should not be tossed in the standard residential blue bin. The metal stakes should be removed from the sign and both materials can be delivered to the Central Landfill or to one of the local recycling centers listed below. The plastic signs will go in one container, and the metal stakes will go into a different container. There is no charge to recycle either material.


Wednesday November 3, 2010

The Lexingtons

The Lexingtons are an interesting local band in that they don’t neatly fit into Rhode Island’s music scenes. The Cranston pop trio sounds like they’ve been mining the Beach Boys, Burt Bacharach and other pop musicians of the time, and the indelible sixties vibe puts them somewhere on the same... more

Tuesday October 5, 2010

Wednesday Is Walk To School Day

Wednesday is Walk To School Day. Cranston Public Schools aren’t officially participating, but it doesn’t mean your family can’t hoof it. Good Magazine has some interesting notes about walking to school: In 1969, 88 percent of students who lived within a mile of their grade schools got there by bike or... more

Thursday September 23, 2010

A Guerrilla Style Street Band, Giant Cartoon Airplane and Art History Revisited Through Carnival Games

Witness a giant airplane, handcrafted in painted recycled wood. Step into the shoes of Bob Cratchit and land a part in “A Christmas Carol.” Wonder at a calvacade of small dogs in suits. Laugh at a Superhero. Fall into Thai Yellow Leaf Hammocks and pick up a scrabble tile... more