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Open Space Up For Grabs

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by Floating Deer Head Friday September 24, 2010

Forest in Cranston by J WoodHey, Floating Deer Head here. My detached head can only mean one thing: open space. There’s a proposal in front the Cranston City Council that will protect 50 acres of it, and it needs your support.

The proposal, which will save farmlands and forest near Natick Avenue, is special because most of the money to buy the land will come from outside sources, including $600,000 from the US Natural Resource Conservation Service. The city will only pay $300,000 with funds already accumulated from building impact fees. This is a rare opportunity for Cranston to protect open space with minimal investment. 50 acres for $300,000 is a bargain.

The proposal is up for review at this Monday’s city council meeting at 7pm in City Hall. Tell your council rep that this proposal is a must, or go to the meeting to support it in person.

Thanks, and happy fall.

Yeah, I know sumer’s officially gone, but it’s not all that bad. Think about the floating deer heads on Titan. Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, just emerged from seven earth years of winter.

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Tuesday August 28, 2012

The Night Skies in Yosemite

Yosemite National Park offers an island of darkness perfect for viewing the revolving dome of the night sky. Photographers and astronomers are drawn to the park where the Milky Way is so bright it casts shadows.

It’s amazing how much we miss under the orange glow of the street lights.


Friday September 24, 2010

Open Space Up For Grabs

Hey, Floating Deer Head here. I just wanted to let you know that there’s an opportunity for Cranston to protect 50 acres of farmlands and forest on Natick Avenue. The proposal is up for review at this Monday’s city council meeting at 7pm in City Hall. Details on the click.


Friday August 27, 2010

The Season of Bugs

So if you live anywhere near a tree, a garden or a patch of grass, you probably hear what reminds you of a soundtrack to a jungle movie outside your window. They're bugs, and they're great. They really get rolling in the humid August weather and then crescendo towards the end of the month. You possibly also hear your neighbors. They're not in this guide. Re-posted from last year. more

Sunday June 6, 2010

Rough Weather Later Today

The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, says the weather could get all Wizard of Oz this afternoon. If you’re lounging in the kiddie pool or making divots on the links – respect the thunder and head to shelter. Along with the threat of wind and hail, Rhode Island is also... more

Thursday June 3, 2010

This Weekend: Kill Plants

Most nature walks demand a reverence for plants. A special nature walk this Saturday encourages you to smash them. More from Steve Stycos: Unusual Hike A little known pond full of spadderdock, Cranston’s finest graffiti, signs of the flood and a chance to smash invasive species will all be part of a... more