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Stop Cranston From Hurting Itself

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by Josh Wood Sunday January 25, 2009

Call your city council rep and politely tell them that you’re opposed to zoning change they want to make to the Warwick Nurseries land. We can think of better ideas if given the time.

Council City-wide Council City-wide
Anthony Lupino 944-9856 John E. Lanni, Jr 946-7373
Council City-wide Ward 1
Mario Aceto 944-8672 Terence Livingston 785-2955
Ward 2 Ward 3
Emilio Navarro 781-9866 Paul Archetto 942-6275
Ward 4 Ward 5
Robert Pelletier 632-4411 Richard Santamaria, Jr 946-6709
Ward 6
Michelle Bergin-Andrews 942-8142
Abandoned Stop and Shop
Pictured: The abandoned Stop & Shop at Mashapaug Commons, just 2 miles as the crow flies from the proposed new store on Warwick Avenue
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  1. The neighbors should be taking pictures of other businesses like the proposed one that reflects the debris and lack of care to prove that Cranston has no governance over their businesses once they allow them in. It was pathetic to hear the testimony the other night at the council meeting and NO residents were for this move. The CCRZD took a vote to turn down the variance based on the way it was written and to do more due diligence in that an traffic assessment (of recent..not of 8 yrs ago when it was first done for this specific S&S purpose) and ESA be explored. Santimaria said it’s what we need….that’s NOT what I heard from anyone except Cindy Fogarty. And even in her message…she seemed abstract that the message wasn’t clear.

    Thanks Josh!

    — Suzanne Arena · Jan 27, 08:00 PM · #


Thursday April 16, 2015

The Providence Ballpark Proposal and The Fuzzy Math of Stadium Economics

Michael Leeds, a sports economist at Temple University, told Southern California Public Radio that the one thing economists can agree on is that sports stadiums have little to no impact on the local economy. “If you ever had a consensus in economics, this would be it,”


Monday August 1, 2011

Vulnerable And Improbable Transit

Groundhog Day in August. A public demonstration against cuts to Rhode Island Public Transit Authority service was held today in Kennedy Plaza. It’s sad that cuts are looming.


Thursday April 14, 2011

The Convoluted Spiral That Is Cranston Planning

There was an Ordinance Committee meeting preceded by an Finance Committee meeting at Cranston City Hall last night. I know, why the hell would anyone go to that double-header? The masochists turned out in droves.


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Why Build High-Speed Rail in the Northeast?

This video makes a compelling case for the introduction of true high-speed rail to the Northeast Corridor. The Corridor’s $3 trillion economy, which is 20% of the nation’s total, is relying on infrastructure that’s hundreds of years old.


Monday October 11, 2010

The Warwick Commuter Rail Station Set To Open October 27

The commuter rail station at T.F. Green airport in Warwick is set to open on October 27. The building, called the InterLink, includes a parking garage, car rental facilities, a RIPTA bus stop and moving walkways that connect the station to the airport terminal. The tentative schedule calls for 3 commuter trains from Warwick in the morning, and 3 return trains. The details of the schedule are being finalized by RIDOT and the MBTA.