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Thee Euston-Fairweather Registry of Hyper Links: Trashing the New Comp Plan Edition

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by Josh Wood Wednesday May 12, 2010

From the Library of Virginia

Comp Planicide
Amazing. After the years of work and workshops put into the city’s first true comprehensive plan by the Planning Department, the City Council has already changed it. Ward 2 Councilman Emilio Navarro amended the plan so that 75 acres owned by Albert Scaralia along Pippin Orchard Road could allow for housing on quarter acre lots. Does Navarro believe that the city can magically afford to provide services, infrastructure and schooling for all those new residents? Maybe the council should consider collecting a per-unit tax from developers to help defray the costs (of projects like this) that would otherwise fall on taxpayers’ shoulders.

An ordinance meeting to approve the revised comprehensive plan is scheduled for Thursday May 13, at 7pm. It will take place in the council chambers on the third floor of City Hall. Those who wish to preserve the rural quality of western Cranston should attend this hearing and contact their council representatives.

Questionable Stop & Shop Approved
The developer implicated in the North Providence city council bribery scandal is Richard Baccarri of Churchill & Banks – the company coincidentally responsible for shoe-horning a Stop & Shop supermarket into the former Warwick Nurseries Property. That development required a zoning change, and it was granted by the City Council 6-3, despite resistance from environmentalists and neighbors. The project, aided by a variance introduced by Councilman Richard Santamaria of Ward 5, will spread another seven and 1/2 acres of impermeable surfaces along the Pawtuxet River – a river that’s receiving federal funding for flood abatement. It defies logic.

Cookie Cutter CVS to Get a Revision
The Edgewood versus CVS battle goes to round 2. The initial plan for the CVS was suburban and completely alien to Edgewood. It looked like a formula conceived in the 50s, with only slight updates to allow for the smaller footprint of today’s cars. You’d half-expect a pharmacist on skates to deliver Oxy to your car door, which really wouldn’t be such a bad idea – if only the plan had been designed in the same universe as the neighborhood. Residents have started a Facebook page and a web site dedicated to the cause. The next meeting to review a revised plan will be on 9AM June 2, 3rd Floor, City Hall. Respect4Edgewood is hosting a neighborhood meeting on June 2 at 6PM at William Hall Library on Broad Street.

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Thursday April 16, 2015

The Providence Ballpark Proposal and The Fuzzy Math of Stadium Economics

Michael Leeds, a sports economist at Temple University, told Southern California Public Radio that the one thing economists can agree on is that sports stadiums have little to no impact on the local economy. “If you ever had a consensus in economics, this would be it,”


Monday August 1, 2011

Vulnerable And Improbable Transit

Groundhog Day in August. A public demonstration against cuts to Rhode Island Public Transit Authority service was held today in Kennedy Plaza. It’s sad that cuts are looming.


Thursday April 14, 2011

The Convoluted Spiral That Is Cranston Planning

There was an Ordinance Committee meeting preceded by an Finance Committee meeting at Cranston City Hall last night. I know, why the hell would anyone go to that double-header? The masochists turned out in droves.


Monday March 28, 2011

Why Build High-Speed Rail in the Northeast?

This video makes a compelling case for the introduction of true high-speed rail to the Northeast Corridor. The Corridor’s $3 trillion economy, which is 20% of the nation’s total, is relying on infrastructure that’s hundreds of years old.


Monday October 11, 2010

The Warwick Commuter Rail Station Set To Open October 27

The commuter rail station at T.F. Green airport in Warwick is set to open on October 27. The building, called the InterLink, includes a parking garage, car rental facilities, a RIPTA bus stop and moving walkways that connect the station to the airport terminal. The tentative schedule calls for 3 commuter trains from Warwick in the morning, and 3 return trains. The details of the schedule are being finalized by RIDOT and the MBTA.