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Fung and Fogarty On Why Cranston Isn't One of the Top 50 Worst Places To Live in America

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by Josh Wood Wednesday October 29, 2008

Cranston Style7 Questions for Cranston’s Mayoral Candidates

Cranston was listed in a recent book “The Absolutely Worst Places to Live in America.” The mayoral candidates explain why the city is actually pretty good.

Question 7: Cranston has been called one of the very worst places to live in
America. What is your answer as to why it isn’t?

Cindy Fogarty: I don’t know who you have been talking to, but I would disagree with anyone who calls Cranston one of the very worst places to live. (See my favorite things to do). Also, the average tax bill in Cranston is $3,600. For this annual sum, you can send your children to our excellent school system; have police protection, fire and emergency services, garbage pick-up and snow removal.

Allan Fung: Cranston is a wonderful city with many charming neighborhoods. We are unique in that we have both water views on the eastern side of the city to farm lands in the western parts. We are also a great city for business opportunities. My parents started their family business in Cranston and ran it for 35 years. My family owes a lot to the city.

This is the last question on the list. To read more about the candidates, check out their web sites, fungformayor.com and fogartyformayor.com, and be sure to read Marion Davis’ recent article in the Phoenix.

Get out and vote on November 4.

Question 1: What’s your stance on a tax treaty with the State of Rhode Island for their use of the Pastore Center?
Question 2: What are some of your favorite things to do and see in Cranston?
Question 3: If you had to rate your political policies from 1 to 6, with 1
representing environmental action and 6 fiscal action, where would
your policies fall, and why?

Question 4: Pink flamingos vs. cement lions. Which lawn ornament do you prefer and why?
Question 5: What’s your position on Cranston’s proposed $6 million dollar open space bond?
Question 6: If Cranston suddenly found a magical, unlimited supply of cash, what
would be the very first thing you would do with the money?

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  1. Josh:

    I found your questions to be well though-out and informative. I also found the candidates’ responses telling — from Mr. Fung’s lifted-from-a-mailer statements to Mrs. Fogarty’s seemingly oppositional replies, like this one: “I don’t know who you have been talking to, but I would disagree with anyone who calls Cranston one of the very worst places to live.”

    Um, didn’t she get the idea that you were citing a book article? Still, there was really no need to get all aggressive.

    In the end, I think these replies offer a valuable insight into the candidates’ respective personalities and temperaments — the very factors that, I believe, decided this race.

    — Jesse from Cranston · Nov 6, 01:02 PM · #


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