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by Josh Wood Wednesday May 13, 2009

Your Lawn Ornament Could Be Laying Eggs

Tom Meade of the Journal wrote a short article about the resurgence of chickens in Rhode Island backyards. Chickens are apparently pretty efficient at bug control and yard fertilization. And of course they dispense eggs.

Tom's article doesn't venture into urban Rhode Island, but I can tell you that the chicken population in a certain Providence-area city is growing as well. To protect the flock, let's just say the name of this city rhymes with Spanston.

Unfortunately chickens are outlawed in much of the Providence area, including the capital city itself. Cranston doesn't appear to have any anti-chicken laws, but there are specific rules about feeding birds.

Personally I think a household should be allowed to raise chickens as long as they get the consent of neighbors, keep their flock rooster-free and make sure the coop is as rodent-proof as possible.

Your lawn ornament could be laying eggs.

photo by Jon Feinstein

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